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Accelerated Freefall (AFF) is the fastest way to experience an exciting skydive from 10,000 to 14,000 feet above the ground. For many new jumpers that have already been on a tandem skydive, the experience is too remarkable to want to stop there. Instead, you think that maybe you would like to become a licensed skydiver with the training and ability to jump any time. At Savannah Skydiving, our expert skydivers can assist you in learning the skills needed to make a career out of skydiving. An Accelerated Freefall course would provide you with the chance to make a solo skydive using your own parachute. It's an experience like no other! And you can jump unimpeded and unattached to a jumpmaster. All you need is an USPA "A license," and you are free to make solo skydives at any United States dropzone without an instructor. How cool is that?

Study with the best from all over Georgia and enjoy the pride and sense of achievement of becoming a professional skydiver. As a skydiving student, you will learn the skills to skydive with other people and learn exactly how to pack your main parachute. You will feel like you can do anything once you have been trained and become a certified skydiver; the sense of accomplishment knowing that you can jump from altitudes of over 10,000 feet is worth its weight in gold.

What is the USPA?

"USPA" stands for the "United States Parachute Association" which is a large organization that helps standardize education techniques and issues skydiving licenses. The skydiving licenses range from the typical "A license" (25 jumps) through "D" (eligible after 500 jumps), projecting the escalating levels of ability and success.

Details about our Accelerated Freefall training program.

On your initial level of training you will spend a considerable amount of time on the ground courses, but plenty of time in the sky as well. The first stage is planned to provide students the chance to get into the air quickly yet safely; you will be shown some of the tricks of the trade to use during your first skydive. Our friendly coaches will take the time to instruct you on proper body positions, how to release the canopy and flying yourself to the landing area. Having received the ground training, you will be accompanied by two AFF instructors on your first jump to provide you with extra stability and guide you through your first skydives. Many people will be unnerved by the attention to detail of the instructors as you pass through the levels but it is all done for your safety. You should be improving at manipulating your motions during the skydives. Eventually you will be ready to master some of the advanced skydiving techniques like gliding and backflips, and you'll learn...

  • How to properly check equipment.
  • The proper way to pack your canopy.
  • How to spot aircraft.
  • How to restore stability after flips or abrupt movements.

When you have made it to level 6 you are ready for your first solo dive. This occurs after a concluding evaluation of sorts. Your instructors need to confirm that you have the skills required. Your jump master will observe you from a distance and appraise how well you control your movements, pay attention to safety protocol, release the chute and land; if you pass, he will supply you with a certificate of successful completion. With all said and done, you will have made at least 25 jumps and completed all requirements to get your USPA 'A' license.

Prerequisites for Accelerated Freefall

As this is a strenuous and challenging course, it is essential that new students satisfy the following fundamental criteria:

  • Be 18 years or older.
  • Be physically fit sufficient to handle the parachute and landings.
  • Weigh under 240lb.
  • Be medically cleared by a medical doctor if you are affected by certain health conditions.

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